Choosing an Attorney

You should take great care in choosing an attorney

As a client, you should expect to work directly with the attorney you are considering to handle your legal matter. This is especially true in an area as sensitive as Family Law.

I am the attorney who will handle your case, and I will dedicate my efforts to securing the best possible outcome. You will not be meeting with another attorney or a paralegal regarding your case.

Trust is Paramount

In order to ensure the best possible outcome, it is important that you feel comfortable enough with your attorney to establish a high level of trust. I will try very hard to educate you about the intricacies of the legal process as it pertains to your case, but the law is complicated and there may be times during your case when you must have faith in my experience and knowledge when deciding a course of action.

Financial Considerations

Financial considerations are important, too, so I believe that it’s critical to talk about the cost of your case in conjunction with all other issues. Working together, we will develop a plan that delegates¬†more resources to the issues that are most important to you.